Watch Out for Those ‘Dangly Parts’: How to Spot and Fix a Dangling Participle

The following article by Jessi Rita Hoffman was originally published as a guest post on James Chartrand's "Men with Pens" website. Remember “dangling participles” from back in grade-school English class? Probably not, but chances are you create them every day. They’re a major grammatical error, and once you know how to spot them, you’ll find these little nasties everywhere… probably ... Read More

How to Form the Possessive of Words Ending in ‘S’

If you found this blog page, chances are good you’re struggling right now with how to spell the possessive form of somebody’s name. The problem is, the name ends in ‘s,’ and it looks weird to add apostrophe ‘s’ after that. Besides, you’re pretty sure you’ve seen it both ways, but can’t remember for sure. So here we are: just ... Read More

What Is Syntax, and When Was It Murdered?

Syntax only appears to be dead. It’s actually hiding out, living a limited, muted existence inside university linguistic departments. As far as the world is concerned, it might as well be dead, though. When did you last hear the term used? Sixth-grade English class? As an author, should you be concerned about syntax? Well, not really. Syntax is essentially the ... Read More