Authors, Don’t Rush that Edit

Authors, here’s some advice based on my sixteen years’ experience as a book editor. Don’t make the mistake so many authors do, rushing the editing phase of the project as they try to bring their book to completion. Enthusiastic authors are naturally in a hurry to get their book to print, so they often set up a time schedule in ... Read More

The Difference between You and John Grisham

A client recently sent me a business book to edit that was disorganized and full of repetition. It jumped back and forth between topics. It was in this shape because he had written it piecemeal over a period of years. If he had begun with an outline (or table of contents) and had written to that, the book would have ... Read More

How to Reduce the Money You Pay Your Book Editor

People are usually surprised at how much professional book editing costs. A lot of time goes into any book edit, but the time and cost are greatly reduced when the writing is polished. When authors take the time to make their manuscript the best they can make it before sending it off for editing, that shortens the hours the editor ... Read More

Does Your Nonfiction Book Need Footnotes?

You’re writing your book, making occasional references to other books, experts, and information sources. Now you’re wondering whether you need footnotes or if there’s an easier alternative. Good news: most of the time, there is. Typically, academic, trade, and technical papers employ footnotes, while popular writing does not. That means if you’re writing a self-help or inspirational book, footnotes probably ... Read More

‘The Chicago Manual of Style’: What Authors Need to Know

If you’re an author writing your first book, you’ve probably heard the terms “stylebook” or ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’ and wondered what people were talking about. ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’ is to book editors and publishers what the Bible is to preachers. More about that formidable tome in a moment, but first let’s talk about stylebooks in general …

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