Branding Your Book Title and Book Cover

Branding is as important for a book as it is for a business. It starts with branding your book title and book cover. A book title needs to convey the genre and indicate the nature of the content, but it needs to do so much more …

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Craft a Book Title that’s Irresistible

It’s important to craft a book title that’s irresistible. Why is this so important? Because your book title, along with your book cover, are the first things a reader or buyer is going to see …

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Nonfiction Authors: What Person or Voice Should You Write In?

A nonfiction-author client of mine asked yesterday, “What voice should I write in for my self-help book?” Being an analytical guy, he spelled out four choices he was trying to choose between. “I am sure there are proper terms for these voices,” he added. “When I first started, my style was very direct and used ‘you’ a lot. I looked at a number of books and decided to change it to ‘we.’ What is your opinion?” …

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Does Your Book Need a Graphic Designer?

Authors often ask me, their book editor, if they will need a graphic designer’s help after the book is edited and before it’s ready for publication. If you are self-publishing, the answer is always yes, unless the printer you hire offers graphic design as part of the package. (The answer is no if you’re submitting your manuscript to agents or ... Read More