About Jessi

Professional book editing servicesJessi Rita Hoffman is a former publishing house editor-in-chief and award-winning magazine editor who offers professional book editing services and author coaching to private clients. She has helped hundreds of writers in development of their novels and nonfiction books. She is also a published author and optioned screenwriter.

Jessi blogs for Writer’s Digest as a contributing editor. Her articles also appear on prestigious writer websites, including WriterUnboxed.com, JaneFriedman.com, and StoryFix.com. She maintains a blog for authors on her own website, with over sixty articles on the craft of writing.

Illustrious Clients

Jessi has edited award-winning novels for acclaimed novelist Michael Hurley; business books for Donald Trump; and self-help books for Huffington Post columnist Dr. Peter Field, Psychology Today columnist Dr. Robert Puff, and Forbes columnist Andrea Wien. She has also edited titles for numerous publishing houses, including Delta Publishing and New World Library.

Developmental Editor

A full-scale, senior editor trained in the art of comprehensive “developmental” editing, Jessi formerly supervised two staffs of copy editors and proofreaders in her work as editor in chief of a regional magazine and of a small university press. She has a B.A. in English from Loyola University, an M.A. in philosophy, and the equivalent of a master’s degree in fiction writing and screenwriting—subjects she has taught at the college level.

Published Work

Her writing has appeared in numerous periodicals and anthologies, including Writer’s DigestLanguage Arts Journal, Digital Science Fiction, Veritas Magazine, and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer—also in prestigious online literary blogs, including WriterUnboxed.com, JaneFriedman.com, and StoryFix.com. A former elementary school teacher, Jessi has authored five children’s books and dozens of articles on the craft of writing. Her psychological mystery/thriller, Mind Games, has been optioned for film.

Jessi lives near Seattle, but her clients live all over the world. She offers assistance to both fiction and nonfiction writers in need of professional book editing services or private coaching.

Professional book editing services