genres“My memoir about my life as a U.S. Congressman and statesman has been published by Southeastern University. Jessi provided the editing at all stages—from developmental through to the end. She is a master of her craft. Her skills are exemplary!”

Dennis A. Ross
U.S. Congressman (Florida)
Author of Reaching Across the Aisle

“With Jessi’s talented help, I landed a top-level agent and sold my memoir to Little, Brown, and Company, one of the world’s oldest and largest publishing houses. Jessi edited my manuscript and also wrote the query letter I used to contact agents. She is extremely good at what she does, and you won’t go wrong if you use her services.”

Al-Baraa Taibah
Author of The Modern Shepherd: Leadership Lessons from the Desert

“I’m very fortunate to have had the benefit of Jessi’s advice in editing both of my novels. There is no one like her. She watches over and nurtures each line of text as if it were her own child. She made comments I used to improve my work significantly.”
Michael Hurley
Author of The Prodigal—an award-winning novel
that has been optioned for film, and of The Vineyard,
winner of the Eric Hoffer Prize for General Fiction

“Jessi Hoffman is a remarkable editor with a meticulous attention to all of the important details of your project. She consistently edits your material from the perspective of your reader, which as writers we often neglect. She challenges you to be a better writer, but also a clearer thinker. That, perhaps, is her greatest gift.”

Scott Jeffrey
Author of Doctor of Truth: The Life of David R. Hawkins and
Power vs. Truth: Peering Behind the Teachings of David R. Hawkins

“Jessi’s recommendations have been spot-on. She is, without a doubt, the best editor I’ve ever worked with. She is professional, timely, and has treated my manuscript with the same care and attention to detail as if it were her own. It’s an education working with her. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

 Brandon Teskey
Author of Insurrection, a historical novel

“The value Jessi has added to my book is inestimable. If you want someone to simply flatter your ego then choose a different editor, but if you want the very best editor, someone who will do an expert and thorough job and turn your book into something you can be truly proud of, then Jessi is the person you’re looking for. I already have an offer from a publisher, and know this would not have been the case without her professional editing. Absolutely brilliant!”

Dr. Peter Field
Psychotherapist, Huffington Post columnist
Author of The Chi of Change and A Sense of Joy

107467_5221“Jessi edited our science fiction anthology and exceeded expectations in all respects. Excellent attention to story structure and character. She worked closely and productively with the authors and succeeded in elevating our first book to something more than popular fiction.”

Michael Wills
Publisher, First Contact and Digital Science Fiction

“Jessi’s work is superb. Her attention to detail and knowledge of the publishing industry are invaluable. I’m delighted with the professionalism and tightness she brought to my Hot Confidence manuscript, and I’m thrilled to have her on my team.”

Nadine Love
Author of Hot Confidence, First-Place Winner in
New World Library’s 2011 Transformational Author Writing Contest

I found the editor for my first book on a cookie-cutter website. Compared to Jessi, the man was a proofreader. Most people over-promise and under-perform, but with Jessi it’s the opposite. She looks at your manuscript from every perspective and helps it in every conceivable way. If you genuinely care about the product you put out there, she’s the one you go with. Not only will your manuscript shine, her advice will bring out the best in your craft. She exceeded every expectation, and I’m not easy to floor.

Gerry Poulin
Author of Silver Lake

“From the start of this project to the finish, Jessi was the ultimate professional. She communicated expectations, then met them perfectly. What impressed me most was not her phenomenal skills (and phenomenal they are!) but that she invested in my material throughout the project, and got my message well enough to make valuable contributions to the work. This project was difficult, as it required editing, reorganizing, and rewriting entire parts of an already published business book. The project changed, too, as it developed. All of this would have been overwhelming for me, but Jessi worked through my confusion with apparent relative ease. All the while, she kept me on task. Outstanding communication, follow-up, and flexibility. Outstanding input and results. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

CJ Coolidge
Author of The Squaredime Letters
Motivational speaker and entrepreneur

blog-does-your-book-need-a-graphic-designer“This was one of the most satisfying, cooperative, creative endeavors I’ve ever experienced. Jessi is a meticulous professional who quickly becomes a friend with encouragement, guidance, and a bit of cheerleading, too!”

Joni James
Author of Recovering from Divorce: Four Doorways to Freedom

“We are thrilled with the editing job Jessi Hoffman provided for our first book. She not only cleaned up our grammar but she also gave us great input that enhanced the meaning and presentation of our ideas. We recommend her for anyone wanting a first-class editing job, large or small.”

Adele Thomas and Ely Lazar
Co-Authors of Travel Secrets for Seniors

“Jessi edited my book and gave me innumerable suggestions that were extremely valuable. She has the ability to guide neophyte authors to bring out their thoughts in an easy-to-read-and-understand form that you can be proud of. Self-publish if you want, but don’t self-edit. Go to Jessi to put the polish on your project.”

Don Wood
Author of The Intelligent Nurse

“Exceptional job! I’ve worked with several editors, and you exceeded them in your ability to edit for technical detail and structure. I look forward to acquiring your services again!”

Ty Harris
Author of The Root of Everything: Shattering What We Know
to Get at What We’ve Forgotten

“I can see clearly why Jessi is top-rated. Her professionalism, attitude, generosity, and—above all—competence in editing, allowed her to deliver a perfect product. We got along very well, and Jessi kept me updated all the way with absolutely no bumps in the road. I look forward to working on our next job!”

Simon Khan
Founder and CEO, Antilia

“When you are looking for top-level editing, Jessi is your editor!

Dr. Robert Puff
Psychology Today columnist
Author of seven books on personal development

1383831_67191241“Your editing is true, quality editing, not just a little brushing up here and there. My book just won first place in the Self-Help/Inspirational Category for the Royal Dragonfly 2012 Book Awards. Also, reviews have been coming in, and so many have mentioned how well-laid-out the book is and that it has great readability. I’m certain you are greatly responsible for that!”

Aan Frazier
Author of Your Magnetic Mind, First-Place Winner in the
Self-Help/Inspirational Category, 2012 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards

“Jessi has ghostwritten and/or edited dozens of books and training materials for our clients. She is not just a great editor and writer; Jessi knows how to adapt her writing style to suit the required voice for whatever product she works on. My company has benefited from her expertise on dozens of projects. I consider her an indispensable member of our team.”

James Burgin
President, BrandWithin

“Jessi is an experienced editor who really knows about books. Her editing covered vocabulary, sentence structure, story, characters, and the whole book. Besides that, she delivered the job in a professional manner.”

Sue Robin
Publisher of Story Robin Books

117575_2592 “Worth every penny … Jessi is the real deal. My book, with her help, has gone from good to great. I had no clue how much I needed her professional touch. She’s not the cheapest, but quality editing won’t be. Do what you need to do to invest in yourself. It pays off in the end. Kudos to Jessi! If I write another book, I’m coming straight back to her.”

Sheena Faust
Author of Why Am I Still Single?