Jessi’s Professional Book Editing

Are you looking for professional book-editing services? Welcome to my website and blog! I’m Jessi Rita Hoffman, a former publishing house editor in chief, and I’ve been helping authors develop and refine their fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for over fifteen years. My clients have won literary awards, signed with agents, and landed book deals with major publishers.

A properly edited manuscript is a joy to read. It isn’t littered with grammar goofs, plot holes, or poorly expressed ideas. It reflects the high values of the author who wrote it. Its excellence is palpable.

professional-book-editing servicesExcellence is what I stand for and what the authors I work with stand for. If you want your book to be the best it can be, something that shines in the marketplace and that you can be deeply proud of, you’ve come to the right door.

Whether you’re seeking an agent or plan to self-publish, I offer the full range of services: developmental editing (also called “content editing”), manuscript assessment, author coaching, copy editing, creation of query letters and marketing materials—whatever your manuscript needs to succeed and reach your public. If you’re willing to invest in your book to make it reflect your high purpose, I’m here to help you do it.

You’ll find this website rich in author resources. Of special interest is a blog with over a hundred articles on the art and craft of writing. You can search it by typing in keywords for the subject or problem that interests you. The blog is divided into four segments: tips for nonfiction authors, tips for novelists, the grammar clinic, and a section of “views and reviews.”

On the website’s main pages, you’ll find guidance on how to select the right editor for your needs, detailed descriptions of my services with pricing, a portfolio featuring a sampling of the books I have edited, and a Testimonials page with full names and book titles of some of the authors I have helped. There is also an About page, of course, which explains my credentials and background in the writing industry. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, best of luck with your precious book, and let me know if I can be of service.