How to Write an Author Bio Page

How to write an author bio page … this question may have you scratching your head when you get to the end of your manuscript. Also called the About the Author page, your bio must follow book-publishing protocol for it to sound professional. As a book editor, I see lots of authors make mistakes with this page, so let me ... Read More

Branding Your Book with Your Book Title and Cover

Branding is as important for a book as it is for a business, and branding starts with your book title. As a developmental book editor, I advise on the book title, helping authors see how their  proposed wording is likely to strike their target audience. A book title needs to convey the genre and indicate the nature of the content, ... Read More

Crafting an Irresistible Book Title

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," said Shakespeare, but clearly he wasn’t talking about book titles. When it comes to choosing the right book title, the name is everything. Why is it so important? Because your book title, along with your book cover, are the first things a prospective reader or buyer are going to see. ... Read More

How to Write Emotional Scenes that Aren’t Sappy

Probably one of the greatest challenges for a fiction writer is writing emotional scenes that are genuine, believable, and moving—while steering clear of the sand traps of sappy, phony, and overdone. Why is it so hard to write an emotional scene that works? I think it’s because the human heart is subtle, so the writing must be incredibly subtle to ... Read More

Don’t Know If It’s Hackneyed? Google It!

As a book editor, I sometimes find my author clients don’t believe me when I tell them an expression is hackneyed. Hackneyed (cliche) expressions are somewhat forgivable in nonfiction writing, but in fiction, they’re the kiss of death. How many times have you read the phrase “rosy-fingered dawn” or “the sweetness of his kiss”? How many more times do you ... Read More